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open post~

[A young monk is sweeping the entrance to the local temple, singing cheerfully to himself even though he's obviously forgotten half the words to the tune. While Houmei might be the future Koumyou Sanzo, right now he's just a novice doing his best to avoid getting yelled at. If he put half as much effort into doing his chores as he did into avoiding them, he might actually have a shot at getting one of those coveted sutras.

That might be nice, Houmei thinks idly as he pushes dry leaves with his broom. He's pretty sure they don't make Sanzo priests sweep the temple grounds.]
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Eh~~~? A Buddhist acolyte~? How charming~~! ♥
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[ Awh, and he's cute to boot!

Hazel doffs his hat with a gentlemanly bow.

Greetings from the far West, sirrah! Bishop Hazel is the name~
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[ That gets a bright laugh. ]

I hadn't thought about it that way, but maybe you're right! Could've involved a few less oceans. You're a clever one, Mister...?
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Now how can a relic... Oh! Hee, aren't you a devious one, Houmei-han. ♥

[ Already has some devious plans of his own~ ]

I did come looking to inspect your fine temple here! I don't suppose you'd be disposed to give a gentleman a tour...?
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Please, just Hazel. ♥ I assure you, my sensibilities aren't as delicate as you imagine!

[ Bathhouse is a definite yes. But let's not rush into things. He'd like to get to know the young monk a little better first. ]

Let's go where you would like to go. You strike me as a man who has all the choice spots picked out for how he wishes to spend a fine afternoon~
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On the contrary! It's the little things which make such travels worthwhile. By all means, lead on and I shall follow!

If it's a drink you fancy, however, we needn't trouble the head priest. I have a fine vintage back at my rooms in the village that's been awaiting good company. If the mood should strike us later~?
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Heavens forbid! I might quite like a lesson, but another time, I think. I can see that with you my afternoon will be far more interesting.

[ He removes his hat, both for propriety's sake and because it will make him stand out a little less. ]

After all, something tells me you're quite inclined toward a bit of debauchery even without my help. ♥
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[ He follows quite naturally, little duckling that he is. ]

Well now! It seems like you've spent a good bit of time around missionaries before, Houmei-han.

[ THAT CROSS WOULD LOOK BETTER ON HIS BEDROOM FLOOR wait that doesn't even make sense. ]
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Oh~? You're training to be a sanzo?

[ You said his favorite words! Well, after 'death to all youkai.' ]

That's quite an elite little group! The two I've met each made quite an impression.
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[ He is, but it'd be rather improper to start disrobing out here in the open, sadly. He does, however, fan himself with his hat. ]

Each was quite striking, in his own way~

Let's see.

[ He gazes wistfully across the water. ]

First there was Ukoku-han. When I first met him as a boy he must have been not much older than you or I. Black as midnight from head to toe, drowsy eyes hiding behind a smart set of spectacles. Oh, he's a sharp one. Unparalleled insight into the hearts of men, hidden behind a carefree personality... much like yours, if I do say!

[ Beams. ]

The other, well. I can't imagine you ever getting along with him! Haha. He's quite the brusque and standoffish character, I'm afraid. Oh, but so poised. Elegant, as you might expect of a fine blade~ Genjo Sanzo, I believe is his title.
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You don't say?

[ Well he doesn't even know where to begin with that. That's a lot of wool pulled over his eyes over the years! And Ukoku-han might've been a kidder in between his bouts of real insight, but Genjo Sanzo-han, he seemed more inclined to cut out his own tongue than boast about a false title. Maybe it's Houmei that's mistaken...?


Begging your pardon, of course, it could be I do indeed have the wrong idea, but they did each of them have those sutras about their shoulders.
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Come on now! You can't set it up like that and then not say~