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omg shoes. i mean, hats.

[ Thanks to that incident at the river (he's feeling much better now, by the way, thank you for asking), Hazel's hat is ruined. Perfectly ruined! Of all the inconvenience.

So now it's time to hit the local marketplace for very essential, not-put-off-able hat shopping. Before his cheeks start to color, Christian God forbid.
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[If you're in the house wares and knickknacks section of the bazaar, you might pass by this odd person, who stands at a table full of random items with a very serious and thoughtful expression on his face. He lifts one object and examines it closely. He puts it down and takes up another. They are both small objects that fit in the palm, one shaped like a panda and the other like a car.]

I don't know...which do you think? I'm rather torn.

[He says out loud, presumably to the booth proprietor, who looks a little tired.]

What did you say it does again? Oooh. I see. Perhaps I might give it a try. May I?