fatherandsun: (I was bored for a long fucking time.)
Konzen Douji ([personal profile] fatherandsun) wrote in [community profile] nitro_dressing2012-08-01 09:38 pm
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[A bloodied and bruised man with long, golden hair is staggering down a forest path. He has no idea how he's ended up there, only that his last memories are not pleasant ones. He cannot recall where the little on in his care has ended up, only that he was rushing toward a slowly closing gate, a knife wound at his side still throbbing in agony. He coughs, slumping to one knee and trying to shake off the pain. Where was he? Had he passed through the gate?]



[He couldn't even muster the energy to speak. Soon enough, he would collapse to the ground.]

[So this is how it ends, huh?]

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