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Sha Gojyo ([personal profile] kappa_feel) wrote in [community profile] nitro_dressing2012-09-10 08:58 pm
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EVENT: Who are you?

When the sun rose this morning and your character awoke, they might have noticed that something was a little different. Tiny difference. Barely noticeable.

They're just in somebody else's body.

See Yaone over there? That's actually Zakuro, currently flipping out over his new attributes. Gojyo's possessing Sanzo, and Dokugakuji is trying to figure out how to use his new tiny white dragon wings.

You can upload an icon or three to your character's account, or just handwave their new appearance. Or, if you play multiple characters, why not post as one character on another's account?

Start your thread in response to this post, or make your own! Go forth and spam the comm!

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