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It came from bakerstreet...

By semi-popular demand, give it up for:


How it works is up to you. It might literally be in the universe of Minekura's Araiso Private School Student Council Executive Committee, or it might be a generic high school (Japanese-style, Western, British boarding school, etc). Or it could be some kind of reinc!fic type scenario. You know how these things tend to go in this fandom.

Feel free to treat this post as an open thread or go forth and create your own posts. Have fun!
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Kenyuu was running about 15 minutes late to his first class. This was not unusual, much to the chagrin of his teachers, who wanted very badly to like him. He was charming, brilliant, and maybe a little bit mischievous but never to the point where it warranted major disciplinary action. At least, not that they were aware of. If he just showed a little more motivation and broke some of his bad habits, they were positive he would excel more than he already did. But Kenyuu had better things to do and think about, and sometimes that meant school took the back seat.

Inter-campus gambling rings didn’t run themselves after all. Not yet.

And so he swaggered up to the gates 20 minutes after the bell. There was a very stern looking young man waiting for him and Kenyuu didn’t bother hiding the big shit-eating grin that spread across his face. Kougaiji probably intended his expression to be foreboding, but it was the kind of tightly wound expression that always tempted Kenyuu to screw with his head.

“Good morning Kou-tan~”
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"Sounds fun. How would you be reminding me?" Kenyuu smirked, ambling to a halt in front of the taller boy. He stood just far enough away from him that he wouldn't have to look up to see his face. "Do you remember yourself? Your deps apparently do." He looked around, exaggeratedly searching for Kougaiji's usual backup. Not that he was even remotely intimidated by the chief officers.

"Huh. Well, I'm sure you've got a good reason. Better than ditching class to harass one student. That would be insane," he chuckled, shrugging. "Especially since I've got written permission. Which I need to bring to my homeroom teacher."
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"Such language. Let you see it...? I'm already late, you're wasting time." He raised both eyebrows and waved an envelope, tone heavily implying that any delusions of authority Kougaiji might possess were none of his concern. In truth, he was in no great hurry to get to class, but he rather enjoyed baiting the (slightly) older boy.

"I'm sure Koushou Sensei will be satisfied with its authenticity. So, if you don't mind?" he made to slip past Kougaiji, keeping the envelope carefully out of his reach.