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Sha Gojyo ([personal profile] kappa_feel) wrote in [community profile] nitro_dressing2012-06-26 11:05 am


Okay, so! This was a cool thing on LJ, and so I figured, why the hell not, right?


For anyone who doesn't know how a dressing room works, here's the basics:

1. Any (Minekura) characters are welcome.
2. Any timelines, continuities, alternative universes, etc. are welcome.
3. Multiple versions of characters are welcome.
4. There are no apps, no character limits, no HMDs.

You can play in this world like it's a game, with consistent continuity from post to post. Or you can reset your character with every post like you would in a meme community. Or you can bring over game canon from whatever game you like and play out game plot here. Or some combination of the above.

The basic layout of this dressing room is a city. The buildings change depending on who is in the city, so whatever business your character might be looking for, it'll probably appear. Or disappear. The city is kinda mean like that.

Usually the city is surrounded by forest, but sometimes the forest is a desert. Or a mountain range. Or an ocean.

Questions, comments, feedback, etc all go as a reply to this post, please and thank ya.