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[closed] Down the rabbit hole

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A detour sounded pretty good at the time. Their presence wasn't always welcomed in the villages around these parts, no thanks to Hazel's strange powers. It seemed like the people resurrected by his necklace thing woke up not only with a new pair of golden eyes, but with hate in their hearts too. It wasn't tons of fun when the guy you were about to buy a roasted ear of corn from suddenly tried to chop your head off with his butcher knife. And being that they were still human (more or less), they couldn't exactly go around killing them or anything.

The telltale words, 'Oh look, an abandoned town' is the beginning of what would turn out to be a long, long night. The town isn't on any maps that Hakkai has, but looks harmless enough. Most importantly, there aren't any golden eyed zombie-people preying on unsuspecting sort-of youkai like the Sanzo ikkou. Maybe if they are lucky, there might still be some food stores hidden around. At the very least, they'd have a roof over their heads tonight, which would be an improvement from most nights they've spent on the road this year.

Nevermind that this place gives Goku the creeps. He isn't entirely sure why, but it has a dank and sinister feel to it that sends shivers up his spine. But everyone else is exhausted and cranky, and they've traveled way too far to turn around now.

Hakkai and Sanzo set out to secure lodging, while Goku and Gojyo are assigned to scavenge for food and supplies.

He walks through the narrow streets of the empty town with caution, stopping every so often to sniff the air. It smells stale and old. Not much by way of food, but he's always been the hopeful sort.

"So uh, what do you think happened to the people here?" he asks, curious.
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Goku might be the hopeful sort, but Goyjo knows better. This town is dead -- there's no sound of life, no smell of smoke, or food (no shit, either, which is a blessing. No rot. The town might be dead but at least the people don't seem to be). It's abandoned, and recently so (paint's not flaking, windows aren't smashed, no burned-out shells, hardly any weeds even) but there's no signs of a mass exodus, either, and that's got Gojyo's hackles raised. If they didn't flee, and they aren't dead, then where are they?

And how bad of an idea was it to stop here?

"Probably got one whiff of you and turned tail the other way," he drawls, the words exaggerated until they're nearly incomprehensible. He nudges a door open with his foot, peering into the dusty half-lit interior. An empty office peers back, the reception desk piled high with folders and papers. Nothing edible in there. "I keep tellin' you, monkey, when your socks stand up on their own, it's time to put 'em out of their misery."
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Of course he stinks. They all stink -- they only stay in town one night out of three anymore, and only half the places they end up are fancy enough to take in laundry. Hell, Gojyo's taken to washing with his shorts on, just to get them tolerable, and he's privately come to terms with the fact that even if he could spare an evening to take a lovely lady out, at one whiff they'd turn and run the other way.

The sacrifices he's made for this journey, goddamn.

But just because he stinks too doesn't mean he can't mock Goku for it. That's all the more reason to mock the monkey, actually... anything to draw attention to themselves. If there's going to be an attack, best it comes hard and soon, rather than waiting for them to fall into it when they're not expecting it.

"'Course I heard you, dumbass, you're standin' right next to me." Moan? What moan? Gojyo heard something like a shutter creaking in the breeze, that's all. Or maybe one of these old houses settling. "Which is way too close for comfort, monkey, I swear I'm gonna hose you down next time we hit civiliza--"

The moan shuddered forth again, and that time there's no pretending it's the foundations creaking. Shakujou tingles in the palm of Gojyo's hand, and, disgusted, he wills the impulse away. Somebody's trapped, that's all -- it's not a ghost, fuck. The last thing he's gonna admit is that this place is getting to him.

"Hey! Hello!" he hollers, stride quickening as he heads further down the hall, toward where it sounded like that moan originated. "Anybody in here?"
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[ ooc: Totally okay! ]

He feels the floor giving a split second before it fails, and as fast as he is, that's still not enough time to move. He reaches out as he falls, grasping desperately at the rotted timbers and sandy soil beneath, but all he gets for his troubles are a palmful of splinters.

The hole is impossibly deep. Something twinges in his shoulder when he hits, shooting lines of all-too-familiar pain down his arm... and then Goku lands on him, knocking the wind right out of his lungs. Frantic, he shoves the monkey away, clawing at the ground beneath them as he tries to get his lungs working again.

It takes forever to catch his breath. Okay, so it's more like ten seconds, but it feels like forever. "Get off me, damn monkey!" he gasps, gingerly testing his shoulder. It hurts (enough that he bites back a hiss when he first stretches it out), but it's useable. Good, he thinks, peering up. He's going to need it. The hole they fell through it barely visible, just a faint speck of dim light in an otherwise pitch black space. A very still, very cold pitch black space.

"Where th'hell are we?" he asks quietly, rubbing his sore shoulder. The only thing this deep he would think would be under a town would be a well, but the ground beneath his feet is solid, not spongey at all, and he can't smell any water or mildew or anything. Nothing at all, actually, save for the dust and crap that fell down with them.

Still staring up at the tiny, distant light (and desperately wishing for either Sanzo's or Hakkai's head to appear, preferably at the end of a length of rope), Gojyo fumbles in his pocket for his lighter. The heavy metal clicks, and the flint sparks at once, casting a flicking yellow light over their surroundings.

It's a hallway. Wooden floors, plaster walls, a low, flat ceiling... and everything painted a dark brownish-red. There's no telling how far it extends past the little flame's range -- the brown just fades to black, so heavy it hurts to look at for long. "What the...?"
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No kidding the air smells odd. They should be grateful it's not a really old crypt or anything, because those have air that'll kill you. He saw it in a movie once.

Hakkai and Sanzo are all the way on the other side of town by now, but Gojyo still holds his breath (metaphorically speaking, anyway), counting heartbeats as he waits for a reply. But the only answer is the dying echo of Goku's shout... which, now that he's thinking about it, echoed a hell of a long time down that hallway. Just how big a mess have they fallen into, anyway?

Fuck it. He doesn't really want to find out. "Stand back, monkey," he warns, summoning shakujou with a thought. The body-warm metal feels solid and secure in his palm, and just like that, the dungeon (basement, fuck, no, it's a basement not a dungeon) feels a little less scary.

Still pretty damn scary, though.

With a flick of his wrist he sends the heavy crescent blade shooting upward toward the dim distant light, hoping to catch on the wall, or the ceiling, or something solid. For a moment, he thinks he's succeeded -- shakujou thunks into something, and Gojyo pulls the chain cautiously taut, testing the anchor point. It holds... it holds... and then with a sickening crack a whole new section of the floor and supporting soil come crashing down at them.

"Shit!" Gojyo barely has time to banish his weapon before flinging himself to the side, away from the onslaught of nasty mildewed old timber. He lands face-first against the flooring, and it's then, nose pressed right up against the dark-stained wood, that his day proceeds to get even worse.

That reddish-brown 'paint' coating the hallway as far as the eye can see?

It's not paint.