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[closed] Down the rabbit hole

for [personal profile] kappa_feel


A detour sounded pretty good at the time. Their presence wasn't always welcomed in the villages around these parts, no thanks to Hazel's strange powers. It seemed like the people resurrected by his necklace thing woke up not only with a new pair of golden eyes, but with hate in their hearts too. It wasn't tons of fun when the guy you were about to buy a roasted ear of corn from suddenly tried to chop your head off with his butcher knife. And being that they were still human (more or less), they couldn't exactly go around killing them or anything.

The telltale words, 'Oh look, an abandoned town' is the beginning of what would turn out to be a long, long night. The town isn't on any maps that Hakkai has, but looks harmless enough. Most importantly, there aren't any golden eyed zombie-people preying on unsuspecting sort-of youkai like the Sanzo ikkou. Maybe if they are lucky, there might still be some food stores hidden around. At the very least, they'd have a roof over their heads tonight, which would be an improvement from most nights they've spent on the road this year.

Nevermind that this place gives Goku the creeps. He isn't entirely sure why, but it has a dank and sinister feel to it that sends shivers up his spine. But everyone else is exhausted and cranky, and they've traveled way too far to turn around now.

Hakkai and Sanzo set out to secure lodging, while Goku and Gojyo are assigned to scavenge for food and supplies.

He walks through the narrow streets of the empty town with caution, stopping every so often to sniff the air. It smells stale and old. Not much by way of food, but he's always been the hopeful sort.

"So uh, what do you think happened to the people here?" he asks, curious.

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