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On the road again [Open]

The trip back took forever.

They could have taken one of Kougaiji... one of Kougaijimaoh's dragons, but really, what was the rush? What was waiting for them back in Chang'an after all these years that they needed to hurry? They'd saved the world, right? Might as well have a look around at what they'd saved. At who they'd saved.

At who they hadn't saved.

(Besides, it would have been too weird, riding one of those things.)

The inn wasn't anything remarkable, but it was still standing, with all four walls and a roof, which was better than most of the rest of the town had fared. The little cemetery they'd passed on the road had been torn apart, but that, Gojyo was learning, was a good sign. It took living people to bury the dead, living people working to reclaim their town, and a half-raw boneyard was as good as a We're Open sign.

The beer was crap, but he wasn't really drinking it anyway.

ooc: Okay! Whew, I'm a bit rusty, but whatever. Tag in as one of the ikkou (or as an alternate of one of the now dead ikkou), or as previous CR from another game, or really, anything you like!

I'm down with playing this as they all survived, or as only some of them survived, so please state your preference in your post. If you don't have a preference I'm just going to pick a random ikkou member (or two) and declare them dead for our thread.
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For Goku

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The limiter itched. She hated it, hated how it felt, hated everything it stood for, but now that the king in the west was dead, it just wasn't safe to be a youkai alone. And so, the chain around her neck (taken from old Mr Wa's corpse -- it had felt like grave robbing, but the poor old man wasn't going to be needing it), flattening her ears, smothering her senses... but saving her life.

She was grateful, sometimes, for the reduced senses. The house soup in the inn she'd stumbled across, for instance -- there was no way she'd want to be tasting those bland, half-rotten vegetables with her proper youkai palate! Still, it was food, and her purse wasn't exactly bursting. She still had a long way to go, after all.

The mountains were barely more than a blueish fuzz at the horizon, but that fuzz grew larger every day. Another month, she guessed, sipping at her foul lunch, and she'd be able to start climbing.
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Well that's done with!

After so many years of doing nothing but drive, fight, eat, drive, fight, eat ... it's a little weird to suddenly be finished. Or at least, finished with one out of three. They're still working on two of them as they make the long trek home. He keeps expecting someone to jump out from behind him and scream about Sanzo's sutra and killing the ikkou once and for all, whatever whatever. If anything, his reflexes have gotten tons better from this whole journey.

The road back has been pretty uneventful for the most part. Hakkai continues to drive along while Sanzo chain smokes from the front. Gojyo's still kicking out his super long skinny legs into his part of the back, not looking particularly convincing when he drawls an apology after Goku calls him out for the hundredth time. He tries to be patient, though. It can't be easy losing a brother, even though Goku has never had one himself.

They stop at an inn for the night. It might even be one they stayed in once on the way westward, but they all begin to look the same, after a while. He does remember places when they have especially tasty eats though. This place doesn't ring a bell.

The restaurant has got a few smaller tables around the room and one biggish communal one down the center. He plops down there in that weird hour between lunch and dinner when no one but Goku would show up for a bite. He glances at the menu painted on plaques on the wall and ponders what he should order, when he happens to glance down the table at the girl near the end.

His eyes nearly pop out of his head. Isn't that...??

"Hey!" is the most he can say, but it's not like anyone ever accused Goku of being eloquent.
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The call probably isn't directed at her (why would it be?), but it's instinct to turn and look at the boy at the end of the table. If there's going to be a fight, or... or if the food turns out to have been actually poisoned, then she needs to know about it! She...

...oh. Oh it's him.

And for just a moment, Pippi's eyes light up. For just a moment her permanent scowl (seriously, look up "resting bitch face" in the dictionary, you'll find her picture right underneath) fades, and brightens. He's alive. He's here. She can't recall the last time she saw a friendly face, she's so tired of being alone, he's here.

But oh shit if he's here then the rest of the murderous bunch probably are too, aren't they? Genjo Sanzo is probably here too. Her gaze darts fearfully (no, not fearfully, she's not afraid, she's just... wary. Yeah) between Goku and the stairwell at the back of the room, leading up to the rented rooms above.

"Where is he?" She's very proud. Her voice doesn't shake at all.
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She had human ears and a distinctly less youkai aura, but it was definitely her. Goku would remember the face anywhere. He was certain she'd perished in that bombing back in the desert. He still remembered how painful it was kneeling there in the dust as he watched her ride away to her doom. The ache never really went away, except into a slow dull one.

The happy look on her face made all that go away, just like that. He smiled back brightly and began shifting his way down the table to join her, when she asked the weirdest question.

He paused, looking totally perplexed.

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"Sanzo." The venom in her tone surprised even her, and her hand flew quickly to the gaudy gold chain around her throat, to make sure it hadn't shifted or fallen away. "Genjo Sanzo, the human priest. The murderer." She'd never held much love for Gyumaoh, but her darling Kougaiji had nearly been killed by the human priest! That was just unforgivable.

That and, you know. He was the enemy of her people and all.

"Is he upstairs?" She wasn't really sure what she would do if he was... the man would could take on Gyumaoh wouldn't bat an eye at a little thing like her, but she had to do something.
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"Uh," Goku said. A look of alarm now mixed in with his befuddled expression. What would she want to find Sanzo for? She honestly looked like she was about to storm upstairs and beat him to a pulp with her bare hands. Or try to, anyway. What did Sanzo ever do to her? Who did he murder that she knew? Goku was certain that if Sanzo did kill anyone, it was for good reason.

Or was this was about the whole Minus Wave thing?

Somehow, Goku had hoped that the mission was over and done with, but maybe not.

"Why? What do you want with him?"
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"Why?" Did he really not understand? She knew that he was a sweet boy, but was it possible that he could have been traveling with the murderous monk all this time and not seen what he was capable of? Was it really possible that he just didn't understand?

"He's my enemy." There. Plain and simple, so that even Goku could follow. "He's the enemy of all youkai." She probably should have kept her voice down on that last word, but whatever. Let the humans running his place discover her. She wasn't afraid of anybody.
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Well that was a very big thing to say. But then again, that's how it was like back there in the desert, where the youkai had to survive from day to day while warring against the humans of the oasis. They had destroyed the youkai village in the end, razing it the ground with guns and fire. It wasn't as though Goku had forgotten.

He frowned.

"I don't think he thinks you're his enemy," Goku said carefully. Sanzo wasn't like those people of the oasis. He probably had a bad reputation in the youkai world, but that wasn't his fault, really.

"I mean, as long as you don't try to kill him or anything."
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Kill him? The man who had slaughtered more people than she could count? The man who the papers were calling a hero, the man who nearly prevented the succession of Kougaijimaoh to the throne? (The papers all claimed that Kougaiji had embraced Sanzo as an ally, but Pippi knew better. That kind of death couldn't be forgiven.)

Damn right she wanted to kill him.

"He would shoot me on sight." Her voice was quiet, and very certain. "That's what he does to our kind, Goku. Are you really going to pretend like you don't see that?"
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"He hasn't shot me," Goku said, frowning. "And he wouldn't shoot you, either. It's not his fault all the youkai came after him."

What did she expect Sanzo to do? Sit around and let himself get killed? Have his master's sutra stolen so they could do all kinds of bad things with it? Goku didn't enjoy the endless battles against the youkai of Shangri-la, but never once did any of the ikkou purposely go out looking for trouble. (Well...trouble with youkai, anyway).
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Yes, it's always the fault of the victims, isn't it? If only the youkai people had been willing to let the humans push them out of their ancestral homes, to murder their young men and do worse to their young women, to suffer every indignity without raising a hand, then the humans wouldn't have had to summon a butcher like the Sanzo. It's the fault of the youkai people. Of course it is.

Her voice was gentle as she folded her hands in her lap. "How many people has he made you kill?"
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oh look, the crazy one survived

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Riding a dragon, well, a different dragon, would have been strange, yes. Not to mention, Hakuryu would have been terribly hurt if he'd gotten them all the way there only to be judged insufficient to get them back.

But then, what wasn't strange these days?

Gojyo not drinking was strange, and it bothered Hakkai all the more for it being even stranger if he called Gojyo on it. How long had he argued for temperance (and proper ashtrays) only to get it when he didn't especially care anymore? Ah well, appearances must be maintained. He held a piece of food up for Hakuryu, watching Gojyo out of the corner of his eye. "Mm, perhaps we'll get out of an inn without being charged for repairs for once."
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Sanzo dealt with things in his own way and his own time and just because Hakkai occasionally felt the urge to slap him or shake him didn't mean he shouldn't be allowed a chance to handle this on his own.

If he walked off on them again, though, they were taking the card and leaving him behind.

Hakkai continued watching Gojyo, feeding much more of his meal to the dragon than he was eating himself. Well, they all had their quirks these days, didn't they? He was just so used to saving food for Goku. "They could certainly try, I suppose, although I sincerely doubt they would succeed. It would hardly be in their best interests."

There was a hint of an edge to the words and perhaps the promise of a less savory 'correspondence course' skill behind them.
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To be fair, they did have a rather impressive record when it came to divine intervention so far.

"Of course." Something about how easily Hakkai agreed should probably put anyone who knew him on edge. Or perhaps he'd decided to take a vacation of his own, lay off for a while? Maybe he'd even loosen up on other things for a while...

Or he could nudge the closest ash tray nearer to Gojyo's hand. "The trip back should be quite the vacation compared to what we dealt with on the way here. I'm sure once we're back in Chang'an, we'll all be well rested."

A bald-faced lie, that, but what was one more between friends?
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It worked, after a fashion. He hadn't really smiled in some time, but it was a reasonable facsimile thereof, all terms and conditions apply, void where prohibited.

"And what would we ever do with an island? Though it is tempting, if only for the peace and quiet and limited access." No 'unexpected visits' for a while, friendly or otherwise. "I think they're more likely to overlook a charitable usage. Perhaps an orphanage. I could teach the children to read and write, and you could teach them to gamble and we'd never go hungry."

And if all these plans included only the two of them, well...
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Personally, Hakkai could live quite happily never seeing another person as long as he lived. What generosity toward his fellow men hadn't been well and truly killed before they left was gone by now. For Gojyo, though... well, he'd make due.

Would there be a Sanzo to be part of that we by the time they got back to Chang'an? Years ago, Sanzo had made it clear enough to him that no one would save you if you couldn't save yourself. Sanzo seemed done with saving anyone at all. Perhaps he was reading Sanzo wrong, though. Hopefully he was. Their job was only to get him back to Chang'an, as promised, and from there...


For now, he ignored Gojyo's glance. "No unauthorized extracurricular activities allowed. Perhaps you could take up chess, instead."
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Only a day late whoops

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Coming downstairs to face people was never easy for him. He didn't want to look at them, didn't want to listen to them, didn't want to do his duties for them. All he wanted was to let the darkness swallow him whole so that he didn't have to deal with any of it. If nothing else, he could pretend like that was easier but in the end he knew that nothing was ever as easy as it seemed. That was only an illusion that they fed you to make you feel better.

That and he couldn't find anything to light his cigarette. That was actually the real reason he came down, unlit cigarette dangling from his lips as he walked past people to look for someone who would actually be useful to him. It was why he sat next to Gojyo. He wanted a light.

Yeah. That was all. No way was the idiot comforting on any level. That idea was sheer stupidity.

He waved for a beer too and had a swallow only to glare at it. The flavor was just terrible and he thought about ignoring it right before he brought it to his lips to have another swallow of it.
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go us woooooo

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He looked over at the lighter before leaning in to get the tip lit. The smoke filled his lungs and he frowned but decided that smoke in his lungs was better than none at all at this rate. But it wasn't like they were going to find better yet. Not after everything that had gone on.


It was an actual word. He'd really said something. Of course, he barely noticed as he rested his chin on his hand, looking off at who knew what.

Fuck he was tired.
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To get shit faced. That was why there were both drinking this shit beer. Of course, he made some sort of noise that said he remembered the place he was talking about too, swallowing more of this nasty stuff. Coughing a bit, he closed his eyes.

Some protector he was supposed to be.

A part of him wished it had been him instead. It would have been better that way for everyone. The others deserved to live and...

Fuck it all.

Running his fingers through his hair, he let out a sigh and looked down at the piss colored liquid he was trying to get drunk off of. At least if he was drunk then his mind would cloud up for a bit and he could forget about everything. Maybe then he'd find something better to keep him moving. That or he'd just sink further into depression. Because that just helped everything.

Yeah. Some some priest indeed.
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Vacation in the south. Goku would have loved a vacation where he could play around for a bit. Be a normal kid even though he was anything but that. Hakkai would likely just stay off to the side, just handling arguments when one started between Goyjo and the kid.

And he would have watched it all. Liking it but threatening to shoot anyone anyway.

His hand shook a bit as he stared hard at the beer, not even seeing it anymore, not tasting the cigarette in his mouth. Everything tasted bad so he couldn't even be sure that he liked anything at all.

Maybe he shouldn't have come down at all.

He nodded slowly though. It was...better than nothing.