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On the road again [Open]

The trip back took forever.

They could have taken one of Kougaiji... one of Kougaijimaoh's dragons, but really, what was the rush? What was waiting for them back in Chang'an after all these years that they needed to hurry? They'd saved the world, right? Might as well have a look around at what they'd saved. At who they'd saved.

At who they hadn't saved.

(Besides, it would have been too weird, riding one of those things.)

The inn wasn't anything remarkable, but it was still standing, with all four walls and a roof, which was better than most of the rest of the town had fared. The little cemetery they'd passed on the road had been torn apart, but that, Gojyo was learning, was a good sign. It took living people to bury the dead, living people working to reclaim their town, and a half-raw boneyard was as good as a We're Open sign.

The beer was crap, but he wasn't really drinking it anyway.

ooc: Okay! Whew, I'm a bit rusty, but whatever. Tag in as one of the ikkou (or as an alternate of one of the now dead ikkou), or as previous CR from another game, or really, anything you like!

I'm down with playing this as they all survived, or as only some of them survived, so please state your preference in your post. If you don't have a preference I'm just going to pick a random ikkou member (or two) and declare them dead for our thread.

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