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...the youkai who leapt though time?

[Hello, Nitro! It's been far too long.

Today you're graced by a man on a horse.'s not the Old Spice guy, though. Just Ming Dynasty Hakkai from a certain Sengoku AU game. He seems rather perplexed, absentmindedly petting the white horse's neck.

Said horse snorts a bit and leans back his head to peer at his rider with very deep-red eyes.]


[The sound makes Hakkai snap out of his confusion a little, and he grabs the reins.]

Heavens, Hakuryuu. Have we been spirited away yet again?
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[ Gojyo, having spent the night (and a good part of the morning) getting very very drunk and then very very well fucked (being temporarily female-bodied is awesome btw), finally stumbles out of the inn around lunchtime.

And at first, when he spots the town's new visitor, he thinks he's seeing things. But, no... that's just Hakkai.

What the hell, Hakkai.

Oi. Hakkai. ...What's with th'horse?
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[ Since when does the dragon turn into a horse? Gojyo rubs a hand over his face - is he seeing things? He isn't that drunk still, is he? ]

Hakkai. That's a horse. Where th'hell did you steal a horse from?
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[ ...Okay. Clearly, he's just still very drunk. Because that's the only explanation for why Hakkai (a)just rode up on a white horse, and (b)is talking like somebody's grandpa. ]

Am I what? Yes I'm Gojyo, dammit!

[ Oh right, the somewhat sore and aching girlparts. ]

I fell in the magic sex-changing river. You know, th'one you camped us right next to, after driving around in circles for three hours? You crazy bastard.
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[ Indecent, what? His shirt was dry, and therefore totally no longer see-through. That was totally decent! His nipples weren't even that hard anymore, now that the sun was out! And yeah, okay, he wasn't wearing underwear, but that was because the boxers chafed, what with his pants now being way too tight at the hips. ]

You've been missing four months. ...How much have you had t'drink?
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[ And Gojyo falls on his ass. Hakuryuu can turn into a horse. ]

How th'hell did he do that?!

[ And owwww dammit those parts were sore anyway and now they hurt. Fucking horse-hung farm boys... ow ow ow. ]

Jeep's a horse?!

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[Sanzo's already had a bit of an adventure being a woman for a while until finding out how to reverse it. Most of it involved trying to get Hazel to stop stalking him. He spots Hakkai and gives him an odd look.]

Spirited Away isn't what I would call it.
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...and did that horse just...

[It sounded far too much like Jeep to ignore.]
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Nonsense. What are you on about?

[He approaches, having not seen many horses around lately. That, and he likes animals despite not admitting it.]
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[Sanzo stares at the horse. Those red eyes were unmistakable.]

This is Jeep, isn't it? The dragon.

[He's completely stunned... and obviously too distracted to be mad, luckily.]
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[He sighs.]

You're the one with the problem. Nothing has changed here except for you and Jeep. Why on earth are you dressed like that? Not that it doesn't suit you but it's odd.

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[ He prefers the Jeep, personally. Horses can be so... smelly. ]

Oh dear! Have we mislaid our keys, Megane-han~?
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[ Missing? Pish. Where there is shit to stir, Hazel is there to stir it. ]

To that fanciful motor vehicle of yours!

[ It's basically your only redeeming quality. ^_^ ]
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Oh? Should I try simpler words?
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[ Charming as a shark. ]

I like to think I've had time enough to keep up~ Perhaps it's the accent? I'll avail myself to enunciate better. Wouldn't want you to strain your ears listening to little ol' me.

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