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[ Thanks to that incident at the river (he's feeling much better now, by the way, thank you for asking), Hazel's hat is ruined. Perfectly ruined! Of all the inconvenience.

So now it's time to hit the local marketplace for very essential, not-put-off-able hat shopping. Before his cheeks start to color, Christian God forbid.

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Jul. 15th, 2012 02:36 am
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[A young monk is sweeping the entrance to the local temple, singing cheerfully to himself even though he's obviously forgotten half the words to the tune. While Houmei might be the future Koumyou Sanzo, right now he's just a novice doing his best to avoid getting yelled at. If he put half as much effort into doing his chores as he did into avoiding them, he might actually have a shot at getting one of those coveted sutras.

That might be nice, Houmei thinks idly as he pushes dry leaves with his broom. He's pretty sure they don't make Sanzo priests sweep the temple grounds.]
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[Hello, Nitro! It's been far too long.

Today you're graced by a man on a horse.

...it's not the Old Spice guy, though. Just Ming Dynasty Hakkai from a certain Sengoku AU game. He seems rather perplexed, absentmindedly petting the white horse's neck.

Said horse snorts a bit and leans back his head to peer at his rider with very deep-red eyes.]


[The sound makes Hakkai snap out of his confusion a little, and he grabs the reins.]

Heavens, Hakuryuu. Have we been spirited away yet again?
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[ If you follow the main street toward the south edge of town, eventually you come across a swiftly moving stream. Posted beside it is a simple sign: ]


[ If you consult a local guide, he'll explain that long ago (the time is never specified) a young woman (age and name also never specified) fell into the river and drowned. Hence the very original name. Now, anyone who enters the water, whether deliberately or on accident, will emerge as the opposite sex.

Because life's a journey like that.

(Submerging once again will reverse the effects. But the guide doesn't mention that. And taking a dip is not necessary to tag in! Your character can also just hang out nearby and watch the, ahem, fallout.)


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