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Somewhere between heaven and hell | Open

"What about you? What would you want?"

If you should die, would you reach for that second chance to live again?

The question was just for thinking. The kind of thing you talked about while quietly reflecting on the journey to come. Nothing was supposed to actually happen. Not yet.

But sometimes, the hand of death reached in at the most inconvenient time. (Was there ever a convenient one?) Goku never even heard him coming. Or was it was even a he at all? All he knew was that he suddenly hurt all over, so much that his fingertips went numb, and he saw flashing lights across his eyes. The world tilted in slow motion. He thought he heard gun shots going off by his ear. He tasted dirt in his mouth, and the salty tang of blood. And just before the lights went out, he smelled the scent of Marlboro Red, fading quickly into the night sky.

"... What would you want?"

Was it cheating to want a second chance? Was it so bad to wish you could try again? Death was here, immediate, inevitable, ruthless.

Not yet!

Somewhere inside his mind, he wanted to scream those words, but he couldn't find his voice. He was choking on his own blood.


Why couldn't his speak his name? It was too dark to see. Maybe the darkness could swallow all sounds, too. His limbs were paralyzed, robbed of movement and sensation. But after a moment - or was it longer? - he felt like his body was his own again. He groped around in the shadows on his hands and knees, searching, hoping this was all just a bad dream. And then -

There was a light breeze, warm and fragrant. He smelled flowers, cherry blossoms. A few petals fell softly on his cheek. He blinked his eyes open and found himself beneath a large cherry tree in full bloom. In autumn? Goku sat up and reached for it, touching the bark with his fingertips.

In all his life, he had never seen anything quite like this. The petals filled the sky and drifted gently down around him like pink snow.

This was no Shangri-la, but something told him he was not far from home.

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...Live on and on--

It felt like waking up from a dream. Instead of many moments passing at once, he was in a place that was clear and familiar. There was someone familiar waiting for him as well, but this wasn't quite how it was supposed to be.

"You're early," he said, crossing his arms over his chest. He tilted his head a little, mentally reconciling this person with the child he remembered. He was still too young to be here, although Goku had grown since the last time Konzen saw him with his own eyes. "Idiot monkey, can't you ever be on time?"

It was difficult to judge the passing of time here, where he waited out his own term of isolation. It had been a long time though, and it showed on Goku in more ways than just a change of stature. Too long, but he wasn't quite yet through waiting for this person.

--even then, I wanted to put in everything I have to give,

just to tell you--

"Goku." He dropped his arms to his sides, then reached out, beckoning him closer.
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A feeling like a fist tightening around his heart made Konzen pause. It was a little like the first time they met; something about him put that look of surprised awe on the monkey's face. But he didn't remember yet. Still, some part of him must, because he responded to the gesture, taking his outstretched hand without hesitation. Even if he didn't remember him now, his heart remembered Konzen's promise.

...I'll be the one to reach for you.

"Do you know where you are?" He asked, maybe rhetorically. Goku didn't consciously remember heaven, that much was clear. He didn't belong here yet. "Or how you got here?"
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"...yes." Konzen pursed his lips, not thinking about how it could have happened. He didn't want to know really. Maybe he had screwed up again somehow and this time Goku paid the price.

But if it was him, shouldn't he know? Not wanting to know something didn't keep something from being real, even now.

--There are things you'll never find out if you don't look around.--

"Walk with me for a while," he gestured for Goku to follow him, half turning away. "We'll find the way back. There are people waiting for you."
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"You ask too many stupid questions," he grumbled testily. To be honest, Konzen wasn't entirely sure. He only saw flashes of Goku's life now and barely knew of the people waiting for him. Not even the one that shared his face. And as for where... Well, the destination was obvious. Getting Goku there was less so. Typically this transitional state only had one 'out' once a person got this far. But just because a door was only marked entrance didn't mean it couldn't open both ways.

"You know me... in a way," he replied, not meeting his eyes as they walked beneath the eternally falling petals. "A long time ago, and now you know my present self. We're not the same but... think of it like a flame passed between candles. They are distinct, but there is...continuity from one flame to the next."