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Who is here? Tag with all your Minekura journals!
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The trip back took forever.

They could have taken one of Kougaiji... one of Kougaijimaoh's dragons, but really, what was the rush? What was waiting for them back in Chang'an after all these years that they needed to hurry? They'd saved the world, right? Might as well have a look around at what they'd saved. At who they'd saved.

At who they hadn't saved.

(Besides, it would have been too weird, riding one of those things.)

The inn wasn't anything remarkable, but it was still standing, with all four walls and a roof, which was better than most of the rest of the town had fared. The little cemetery they'd passed on the road had been torn apart, but that, Gojyo was learning, was a good sign. It took living people to bury the dead, living people working to reclaim their town, and a half-raw boneyard was as good as a We're Open sign.

The beer was crap, but he wasn't really drinking it anyway.

ooc: Okay! Whew, I'm a bit rusty, but whatever. Tag in as one of the ikkou (or as an alternate of one of the now dead ikkou), or as previous CR from another game, or really, anything you like!

I'm down with playing this as they all survived, or as only some of them survived, so please state your preference in your post. If you don't have a preference I'm just going to pick a random ikkou member (or two) and declare them dead for our thread.
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"What about you? What would you want?"

If you should die, would you reach for that second chance to live again?

The question was just for thinking. The kind of thing you talked about while quietly reflecting on the journey to come. Nothing was supposed to actually happen. Not yet.

But sometimes, the hand of death reached in at the most inconvenient time. (Was there ever a convenient one?) Goku never even heard him coming. Or was it was even a he at all? All he knew was that he suddenly hurt all over, so much that his fingertips went numb, and he saw flashing lights across his eyes. The world tilted in slow motion. He thought he heard gun shots going off by his ear. He tasted dirt in his mouth, and the salty tang of blood. And just before the lights went out, he smelled the scent of Marlboro Red, fading quickly into the night sky.

"... What would you want?"

Was it cheating to want a second chance? Was it so bad to wish you could try again? Death was here, immediate, inevitable, ruthless.

Not yet!

Somewhere inside his mind, he wanted to scream those words, but he couldn't find his voice. He was choking on his own blood.


Why couldn't his speak his name? It was too dark to see. Maybe the darkness could swallow all sounds, too. His limbs were paralyzed, robbed of movement and sensation. But after a moment - or was it longer? - he felt like his body was his own again. He groped around in the shadows on his hands and knees, searching, hoping this was all just a bad dream. And then -

There was a light breeze, warm and fragrant. He smelled flowers, cherry blossoms. A few petals fell softly on his cheek. He blinked his eyes open and found himself beneath a large cherry tree in full bloom. In autumn? Goku sat up and reached for it, touching the bark with his fingertips.

In all his life, he had never seen anything quite like this. The petals filled the sky and drifted gently down around him like pink snow.

This was no Shangri-la, but something told him he was not far from home.

[ ooc: Goku's in limbo! Feel free to tag in with anyone, dead or almost dead. Or heck, even alive! Maybe they can wander in from a dream. ;) ]
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for [personal profile] kappa_feel


A detour sounded pretty good at the time. Their presence wasn't always welcomed in the villages around these parts, no thanks to Hazel's strange powers. It seemed like the people resurrected by his necklace thing woke up not only with a new pair of golden eyes, but with hate in their hearts too. It wasn't tons of fun when the guy you were about to buy a roasted ear of corn from suddenly tried to chop your head off with his butcher knife. And being that they were still human (more or less), they couldn't exactly go around killing them or anything.

The telltale words, 'Oh look, an abandoned town' is the beginning of what would turn out to be a long, long night. The town isn't on any maps that Hakkai has, but looks harmless enough. Most importantly, there aren't any golden eyed zombie-people preying on unsuspecting sort-of youkai like the Sanzo ikkou. Maybe if they are lucky, there might still be some food stores hidden around. At the very least, they'd have a roof over their heads tonight, which would be an improvement from most nights they've spent on the road this year.

Nevermind that this place gives Goku the creeps. He isn't entirely sure why, but it has a dank and sinister feel to it that sends shivers up his spine. But everyone else is exhausted and cranky, and they've traveled way too far to turn around now.

Hakkai and Sanzo set out to secure lodging, while Goku and Gojyo are assigned to scavenge for food and supplies.

He walks through the narrow streets of the empty town with caution, stopping every so often to sniff the air. It smells stale and old. Not much by way of food, but he's always been the hopeful sort.

"So uh, what do you think happened to the people here?" he asks, curious.
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By semi-popular demand, give it up for:


How it works is up to you. It might literally be in the universe of Minekura's Araiso Private School Student Council Executive Committee, or it might be a generic high school (Japanese-style, Western, British boarding school, etc). Or it could be some kind of reinc!fic type scenario. You know how these things tend to go in this fandom.

Feel free to treat this post as an open thread or go forth and create your own posts. Have fun!
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When the sun rose this morning and your character awoke, they might have noticed that something was a little different. Tiny difference. Barely noticeable.

They're just in somebody else's body.

See Yaone over there? That's actually Zakuro, currently flipping out over his new attributes. Gojyo's possessing Sanzo, and Dokugakuji is trying to figure out how to use his new tiny white dragon wings.

You can upload an icon or three to your character's account, or just handwave their new appearance. Or, if you play multiple characters, why not post as one character on another's account?

Start your thread in response to this post, or make your own! Go forth and spam the comm!


Aug. 1st, 2012 09:38 pm
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[A bloodied and bruised man with long, golden hair is staggering down a forest path. He has no idea how he's ended up there, only that his last memories are not pleasant ones. He cannot recall where the little on in his care has ended up, only that he was rushing toward a slowly closing gate, a knife wound at his side still throbbing in agony. He coughs, slumping to one knee and trying to shake off the pain. Where was he? Had he passed through the gate?]



[He couldn't even muster the energy to speak. Soon enough, he would collapse to the ground.]

[So this is how it ends, huh?]
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[ Thanks to that incident at the river (he's feeling much better now, by the way, thank you for asking), Hazel's hat is ruined. Perfectly ruined! Of all the inconvenience.

So now it's time to hit the local marketplace for very essential, not-put-off-able hat shopping. Before his cheeks start to color, Christian God forbid.

open post~

Jul. 15th, 2012 02:36 am
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[A young monk is sweeping the entrance to the local temple, singing cheerfully to himself even though he's obviously forgotten half the words to the tune. While Houmei might be the future Koumyou Sanzo, right now he's just a novice doing his best to avoid getting yelled at. If he put half as much effort into doing his chores as he did into avoiding them, he might actually have a shot at getting one of those coveted sutras.

That might be nice, Houmei thinks idly as he pushes dry leaves with his broom. He's pretty sure they don't make Sanzo priests sweep the temple grounds.]


Jul. 6th, 2012 02:22 pm
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[ A wild tiny Kougaiji appeared! ]
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[It was odd enough not to be in the temple. What made it odder was that he didn't recognize his surroundings in the slightest. Normally when he accompanied his master to town it was so he could stay to chant and receive donations for the temple while waiting for his master to finish his business... but he had no memory of heading to town, nor did he know where his master was. Kouryuu looked about, puzzled beyond belief. How could he get back if he didn't even know where to begin?]
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[Hello, Nitro! It's been far too long.

Today you're graced by a man on a horse.'s not the Old Spice guy, though. Just Ming Dynasty Hakkai from a certain Sengoku AU game. He seems rather perplexed, absentmindedly petting the white horse's neck.

Said horse snorts a bit and leans back his head to peer at his rider with very deep-red eyes.]


[The sound makes Hakkai snap out of his confusion a little, and he grabs the reins.]

Heavens, Hakuryuu. Have we been spirited away yet again?
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[ If you follow the main street toward the south edge of town, eventually you come across a swiftly moving stream. Posted beside it is a simple sign: ]


[ If you consult a local guide, he'll explain that long ago (the time is never specified) a young woman (age and name also never specified) fell into the river and drowned. Hence the very original name. Now, anyone who enters the water, whether deliberately or on accident, will emerge as the opposite sex.

Because life's a journey like that.

(Submerging once again will reverse the effects. But the guide doesn't mention that. And taking a dip is not necessary to tag in! Your character can also just hang out nearby and watch the, ahem, fallout.)


Jun. 26th, 2012 11:05 am
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Okay, so! This was a cool thing on LJ, and so I figured, why the hell not, right?


For anyone who doesn't know how a dressing room works, here's the basics:

1. Any (Minekura) characters are welcome.
2. Any timelines, continuities, alternative universes, etc. are welcome.
3. Multiple versions of characters are welcome.
4. There are no apps, no character limits, no HMDs.

You can play in this world like it's a game, with consistent continuity from post to post. Or you can reset your character with every post like you would in a meme community. Or you can bring over game canon from whatever game you like and play out game plot here. Or some combination of the above.

The basic layout of this dressing room is a city. The buildings change depending on who is in the city, so whatever business your character might be looking for, it'll probably appear. Or disappear. The city is kinda mean like that.

Usually the city is surrounded by forest, but sometimes the forest is a desert. Or a mountain range. Or an ocean.

Questions, comments, feedback, etc all go as a reply to this post, please and thank ya.