smilingscholar: (ೕ all in a day's work)
豬八戒 • Cho Hakkai ([personal profile] smilingscholar) wrote in [community profile] nitro_dressing2012-06-29 02:00 am

...the youkai who leapt though time?

[Hello, Nitro! It's been far too long.

Today you're graced by a man on a horse.'s not the Old Spice guy, though. Just Ming Dynasty Hakkai from a certain Sengoku AU game. He seems rather perplexed, absentmindedly petting the white horse's neck.

Said horse snorts a bit and leans back his head to peer at his rider with very deep-red eyes.]


[The sound makes Hakkai snap out of his confusion a little, and he grabs the reins.]

Heavens, Hakuryuu. Have we been spirited away yet again?

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